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Here's to a lovely, safe, happy, peaceful 2014 Christmas

Last year, at about this time Merydith Willoughby listened to a community radio program and the presenter and two professionals were discussing how to have a great Christmas. She felt that she could add to that and decided to contact the presenter in late 2014 to see whether she would like her ​to contribute to the program over a specific time frame.

Accepted - done and doing it!

Merydith commenced working with the group with a Meet & Greet on 29th September 2014 and since that time a Conversation with Merydith has occurred most fortnights.

The next will be on 8th December 2014 and then on 12th January 2015.

Come back after these dates - Merydith will have added some more information to the page. 

The most important issue in the beginning was for us to discuss key components necessary to achieve the goal.

Merydith is talking about the work she does with this group in project development terms - this is because it is her background but also, more importantly because doing so helps people to be objective about what they are doing and lessens the emotional quotient. This is particularly important during the Christmas period because it can be quite an emotional time.

It is always Merydith's goal to provide people with key concepts and ideas and they will then decide whether it is something they would like to embark on and work on. They can develop their own PDM model.

Ideally, people will become a Think, Do, Done it type of person and mark each project off as they complete it with a big tick and smile on their face knowing that the process can work just as effectively with any goal if they are willing to put the required work into it, be realistic and know that some goals take a short period of time to realise while others can take a very long time.

Accountability, stamina and a belief in yourself can develop if you're willing to stay with the process.

Thinking without any action initially

Thinking is a major part of any goal and for the first fortnight we did not get into action.

Merydith explained the reason why this is very important and the action component was put on hold while we spent much time thinking about the goal.

Key issues to think about while you are designing, developing and managing your 2014 Christmas goal

It has baffled Merydith for a long time why it is not seen as normal and standard practice to teach kids how to think critically, how to become resilient and how to develop key project management skills that could be a valuable resource to them as they age and all throughout their life. 

It has also baffled Merydith for a long time as to why human beings naturally expect structures that are routinely built to have effective regulations in place which will ensure that they are safe and built well
(as they should be) but that in general this basic premise is not widely accepted as essential when people are building their own lives.

It seems that there is a lot of luck involved when people want to build their own fantastic life.

And from the many PDM projects Merydith has been involved in with people at all levels of society it is clear that there are just as many fundamentals necessary for us when we are building a life we love as there is when that huge bridge is designed, developed, built and managed to ensure that it will provide safe transport for millions of people over the water now and for future generations. 

As soon as the bridge is completed a plan is in place to monitor its progress, to establish firm guidelines for use and a schedule is in place for maintenance - we would hope! 

Another interesting point and something to consider. Technology, science, engineering are always striving to improve, spend much money with R&D and it's expected and accepted. There's always huge backlash when governments try and reduce R&D because it is known that it is necessary to advance countries and economies. 

Why not with our own life structures? 

Is it interesting to note that when people are as committed to building their life structures as I describe with the bridge, negative terms are often thrown at them and rather than seen that they are doing what is essential, they can be seen as a bit odd.

This seems like an oxymoron to Merydith - it makes no sense at all and some cultural change here would be valuable. Doing so, we could build those solid, strong, functioning bridges and create generational change!

There are many things to consider and to think about while any project takes place and our 2014 Christmas goal is certainly no different. 

Summary from 8th December 2014

As promised here is a brief summary of our session - come back for more after the 12th Jan and until then, you are welcome to come back and read the notes.

You may also like to purchase a copy of If it's to be: It's up to me, to assist you to further develop your own PDM.

And you may be interested in Merydith's other site www.foundation4kids.com.

It is always a pleasure to work with like minded people and this project is giving Merydith the opportunity to do just that.   

Key points

  1. Process can be utilised at any time of the year;
  2. To be focused and deliberate in all that we do;
  3. Stepping back and thinking about the best way forward;
  4. Benchmarking memories;
  5. Be as generous and kind to ourselves as we are to others;
  6. Embracing the lovely things that occur at this time of the year.

Here are a few words that came into Merydith's mind as she prepared for the 8th Dec session. Enjoy.

​A metaphor for my life

Think about when you go somewhere and you go with a fantastic attitude,
you prepare well and you put all that you have into it. It could be a job
interview, visiting someone, anything you do – think about how you feel
at the end of it and while you’re preparing for it. There’ll be a range of
thoughts, feelings that you experience and then when you’ve been and
it went well and you know you did the best you could how does that make you feel. 

​Well, that’s my philosophy on life.

​Life is finite; I have the opportunity to contribute and to make a difference,
even if that difference is tiny, if everyone does that then we leave the planet
in a better place. We’ve taken responsibility for our attitude, behaviour,
we’ve kept our attitude positive and we’ve done the best we can.

​That to me sounds like a very rich good life.

If it's to be: It's up to me 

​Merydith has written thousands of words and four books and has been involved in the media in many capacities for a long time. Go to page Merydith Willoughby for more information.

The first book she wrote in 2007 is called If it's to be: It's up to me. In 2014 it has been updated and is now much more comprehensive and the one you want.

If it's to be: it's up to me, is in E book form and available for $19.95.

You can order your copy of If it's to be: It's up to me, through IB Coaching's contact form or you can call New York 718 790 9729 / Australia 61 422133202.

The information used in developing this goal and wit
h the Conversation with Merydith has been taken largely from the new edition of If it's to be: It's up to me.

You can use If it's to be: It's up to me, at any time of the year - not just to develop your Christmas 2014 goal and you can learn how to develop your own PDM.

Once you have developed your own PDM, you can pass your knowledge onto anyone you want (and given the opportunities now with the internet, the sky is the limit) and you can then make a difference in other people's lives just because you had the courage, determination and stamina to work on your own life structures.

You can start the ball rolling in many people's lives and in the end - just by the positive change you have made in your life; you can help to start generational change.

How wonderful would that be to think that you have the opportunity to impact many, many people and in the end, there will be people who are impacted by what you have done that you will probably never meet.

This is called the ripple effect and this is what Merydith Willoughby from IB Coaching is all about.

From the cover of
If it's to be: It's up to me

Note from Merydith​ Willoughby from IB Coaching

​Birthdays are special to me and I always look forward to mine - partly because I'm a big kid at heart but also because my birthday is on Christmas Day. I have always loved Christmas. It is a very special time of the year. This year I decided that I wanted to rekindle some aspects of the gorgeous Christmases I had as a child. It seems to me that these lovely feelings and experiences can be lessened because of life's other commitments. The project I discuss here has helped me to think about and develop a very lovely Christmas and I've already started enjoying it.